Acemi Paladin of Iomedae (presumed deceased)

Paladin of Iomedae - presumed deceased


Acemi was already a seasoned mercenary when she ran into her first band of undead, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a gibbering wreck in their presence. A cleric of Iomedae, however, swiftly dispatched the lot with a burst of holy light. As Acemi was bathed in that light, she felt herself purged too, and vowed to learn more about this brave, fierce love which had delivered them from Evil.

It was 10 years later when Acemi met the half-starved, orphaned Sheera, pilfering her saddle-bags. Something about her stance – defiant and bold, even in her desperation – reminded Acemi instantly of Iomedae. After a frustrating period of encouragement (for Sheera was, at first, very distrustful of kindness) she formally apprenticed the young girl. They travelled for four years, training and studying, visiting various temples, and Acemi taught more through example than through lessons.

Acemi’s final fate is unknown – she was recorded as leaving the Absalom Temple of Iomedae in the night, but the errand was a secret one. A month later, her helmet and holy symbol were returned to a Temple of Iomedae in Taldor by some devout adventurers, with no explanation of the nature of their discovery.

Acemi Paladin of Iomedae (presumed deceased)

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