Muktar Thrornag

Life is short and not to be wasted.


Muktar stands at 6’9" in height . Her skin is onyx black and her face is either passive or scowling.

Hideous to look upon, by both human and orc standards, her scalp is burned clean of any hair and bares unsightly scars. Her back is criss-crossed with poorly healed whip-scars and she is covered from neck to toe in tattoos depicting the merciful and life-giving sun. All who look upon her know that she serves under Sarenrae, though many may wonder why Sarenrae would ever accept such a monstrosity into her service.

She brooks no dallying around and finds idle chatter tiresome. There is one exception to this – she has been seen to tender gently to the sick and injured and will solemnly and patiently talk the dying through their last rites.


The story of Muktar starts, as with many half-orcs, with a tale of terrible violence. Her mother was of Orcish descent, her father was human.

Unbeknownst to many, there are a few Orc clans who seclude themselves, happy to be away from wars, humanity, hated elves and pesky Halflings and Gnomes and Dwarves…

To be continued…

Muktar Thrornag

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