Paladin of Iomedae - gregarious and fearsome


- Looks: 5’11 – black hair – almond eyes – copper skin – well built and muscular
- Kit: Longsword, shield, short bow, scale armour


Sheera was only 10 when her Katapeshi village, and her two younger brothers, were destroyed by an army of the undead, but she remembers it vividly. Her parents were farm labourers but, faced with burning fields and decimated stock, they travelled to the city of Solku, hoping for whatever work they could turn their hands to.

Fate was not yet done with Sheera, however, and within the first year, both her parents died – her father was murdered in a theft-gone-wrong at the storehouse where he worked, and her mother – mad with grief – killed herself soon afterwards. Sheera was alone.

For the next few years, Sheera slept on the street, working when she could, and stealing food to survive. She was filled with anger and loneliness, and even the other street children kept away from her.

One very hungry day, she slipped into a stable where some very fine horses had arrived that morning. Scrabbling though the saddlebags was the work of a moment, but a strong hand – stronger even than hers – grabbed her wrist and held on tight. Acemi, Paladin of Iomedae, after glancing at her for a moment, let her take the dried rations she had found there, with the promise of more if she came back tomorrow.

Gradually, Acemi began to earn Sheera’s trust. Sheera became an apprentice paladin and travelled with Acemi for 4 years, ending up in Absalom a year ago. During her training, her loneliness and anger decreased as her love for Iomedae grew. Acemi died six months ago, whilst Sheera was completing charitable work at the temple in Absalom. Sheera mourned her death, though she knew little of the circumstances surrounding it.

These days, Sheera is as gregarious as she is faithful, and understands that goodwill and friendliness will further the course of Iomedae amongst her allies. She is serious about her vows, but doesn’t hold others to her high standards. She may have her demons – loneliness and anger still plague her sometimes, and some unspoken, unresolved sadness lingers – but these feelings seem to be buried for now beneath her zeal to do battle on behalf of Iomedae.


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