Descendants of the Sandstorms

Sheera's Diary (Keep Out!) Part 2

We're on the edge of a potential warzone.

7 riders approaching range of sight in the village – Hornsey. Riding heavy war houses, dressed in white linen tabards.

Livain (village leader) – white is men from Rostov. Faelon. 

Brown long-haired man – 7ft tall. Dark, silvery armour – breastplate, armour is scarrred from battle. Green dragon insignia. Human. 

"Here to warn them" – On our way her we encountered a quite unforeseeable amount of creatures coming out from the forest north of here. What kind of creatures – Abominable transfigured creatures – flying. Spotted 7 for sure. Never seen something so horrific. Like flying bat-fish with teeth all over the place. A demon's tail. Eerie screeching sound. Pack – followed them out of the forest into the open plane, but they seemed to be seeing them off. Flew flast -t couldn't mattch the horses in full gallo but they could overtake a sprinter.

"Tivalain" – one woman stays behind. 

"Weird thorn" – scratched the granny – now she's sick – 6months already

Name of the mayjor of the city - Ioseph Sellemius. 

approach the forest

human scream. 

Blueish tail with an arrow on the edge. 

Young woman – wearing a light. silk  dress and a precious metal and gem tiara. 

companions were taken in the forest by those thing – a big, black figure, hooded. Princess Milena Foresthorn. Her father is Aldus Foresthorn of Tonnox. Going to Rostov to sign an agreement on behalf of her father. 

Go in to save the retinue

he was heading towards the road, trying to escape. Freezer burn – frozen?

Pass through the forest – clear grassland, trail leading towards a hill.

Interesting weird structures of cobble. Faeron.

Ruined entrance by the side of the hill – better masonry than the surrounded ruins. Stone arch and a staircase going down. Water dripping. dark. Necromancy. Greenery growing within the wall. ABOUT 30 meters down – human. 

dodge the boulder – in a hall 20×20  – with 4×8ft skeletons.

Out of the door (skellys dead). 







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